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Studies have shown that babies can can have, on average, up to 8 respiratory infections per year, which mainly affects the upper airways. The most frequent symptom of viral upper respiratory infections is a blocked nose.

When a baby’s nose is blocked, the risk of developing lower respiratory tract infection increases. Also, it causes difficulties with breathing, eating, and sleeping.

How to help my baby clean their nose?

For a baby or young child add the saline solution into each nostril of the baby’s nose to help loosen nasal secretions, wait a few minutes and then remove the mucus running out with a tissue. Only after removing the running mucus outside the nostrils, a nasal aspirator should be used.

Use a nebulizer with a nasal aspirator to gently clear the nose and provide efficient nebulization.


Nasal congestion is the most known symptom or a cause of more severe upper and lower respiratory disorders that effects different parts of the airways Allergic Rhinitis is the most common non-infectious chronic ailment in children with up to 40% of frequency.

How do I treat and provide relief to my children?

The OMRON C102 Total 2-in-1 Nebulizer with Nasal Shower is an all in one solution for children (and also for the whole family) to efficiently treat and provide relief.

The Nasal Shower is used with a simple saline solution. It cleans the nasal cavity and gently helps relieve symptoms of upper airways conditions.

The Nebulizer delivers medication to the lungs to efficiently treat lower airways conditions.

Teens and Adults

Individuals with Asthma identify a wide range of environmental and behavioral triggers such as hayfever. Clinically uncontrolled Asthma leads patients to use higher and more frequent doses of rescue medication.

What is the most suitable device to use?

Efficient mobile treatment where and when you need it so you can take it with you on the go so you can get the treatment where and when you need it. This can also be used in the comfort of your home and you can use the nebuliser in the position that you feel comfortable in.


The most frequent disadvantages of the use of inhalers in the elderly are weak inspiratory flow and lack of coordination. Poor coordination leads to decreased drug performance, suboptimal disease control, and increased use of the inhaler.

What options are available for the elderly?

The OMRON A3 Complete allows the treatment of upper, mid, and lower airways. Clinically proven efficiency for upper and lower airways treatment. Also, the OMRON C102 Total 2-in-1 Nebulizer with Nasal Shower is an all in one solution for the whole family to efficiently treat and provide relief.

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