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Nami Cat


Nebulisers, Wheeze Detector and Oximeter

3 years of warranty

A child friendly nebuliser that’s been designed for making it easier to get your child using their nebuliser.

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Compressor nebuliser for whole family

With cute design for children between 2 – 6 years of age

Effective for conditions in the lower airways

Device Type Compressor Nebuliser
Weight of Device 1.22
Nebulisation Rate 0.35 ml/min
Particle Size Approx. 4.3 μm
Medication Capacity 2 ml - 12 ml
Mains Operation Yes
Operating Volume 58 dB
Area of Airway Lower Airways - Asthma - Bronchitis - Bronchiolitis - COPD
Storage No
Connected No
Mains Supply No
Age of User Baby, Child
Item dimensions (mm): 148 x 180 x 135

Product benefits

Friendly face

Cute design helps your child to use their nebuliser and not be scared or resistant of their treatment.

Product benefits

Efficient lung deposition

Powerful compressor helps to reduce treatment time and ensures effective use of medication.

Product benefits

Effective for range of conditions

For treatment of cough & cold, bronchitis, asthma and more.

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