Eco Temp Intelli IT
Eco Temp Intelli IT
Eco Temp Intelli IT
Eco Temp Intelli IT
OMRON connect compatible

Eco Temp Intelli IT



  • 3 year warranty
    3 year warranty
Digital thermometer

The Eco Temp Intelli IT is a smart digital thermometer that helps you to accurately keep track of your body temperature. From when you first notice a change in body temperature start regularly checking using the Eco Temp Intelli IT and store each reading on your smartphone with the OMRON connect app. Each reading helps you to follow how a fever or illness is developing and the OMRON connect app makes it easy to share this information with your doctor.

  • 3 year warranty
    3 year warranty

Product benefits

Why should I use a thermometer?

Know you body temperature

Know you body temperature

Fast and convenient reading

Fast and convenient reading

Can be used by all ages

Can be used by all ages

Features and cautions

  • Digital thermometer for measuring body temperature
  • Oral & Underarm measurement
  • Measures in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Measurement in 40 seconds
  • Buzzer notification of timing
  • Transfer readings to OMRON Connect app through soundwave technology
  • Recalls previous reading
  • Displaying measurement results with light (Green LED) & sound


Last Measurement
Measurement type
Oral, Armpit
°C / °F selection
Exchangeable battery
Storage case included
Measurement time
40 seconds
Large 3 Digit Display
Yes, °C 3-digit and °F 4-digit
Compatible mobile app
Compatible with Omron connect app
Weight (kg)
Item dimensions (mm)
136.8 x 20.1 x 12.8

What's in the box

  • Main unit
  • CR1220 lithium button battery (included)
  • Storage case
  • Instruction manual


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Instruction manual and support

Customer Service

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Instruction manual


Temperature ranges vary by age group. The following ranges are based on an oral measurement. The first group, babies and toddlers, ages 0 to 2 years range from 36.4°C – 38.0°C. Children age 3 to 10 years range from 36.1°C – 37.8°C. Young people and adults age 11 to 65 range from 35.9°C – 37.6°C, and adults over the age of 65 range from 35.8°C – 37.5°C.Please note that large individual variations are observed in groups of older people. Always consult with your healthcare professional for measurement methods and guidelines for reporting a fever.
Oral: The oral measurement can be performed as ‘in the cheek’ measurement (called buccal) or as a ‘under the tongue’ measurement (called sublingual). Both measurements underestimate the rectal temperature by approximately 0.3° C – 0.8° C, with the ‘under the tongue’ measurement being preferable to ‘in the cheek’. Armpit: Body surface temperature measurements used in clinical practice are in the arm pit (axillary measurement) and in the groin. In both cases the respective limb is pressed against the body in order to reduce any ambient temperature influence. However, this is successful only to a limited extent with the disadvantage that the measurement time is long. In adults, the axillary measurement is lower than the rectal by as much as 0.5°C – 1.5°C! In infants, these differences, in comparison with the rectal temperature, are much smaller.
Soundwave communication is using sound. This technology converts data into inaudible sound waves and transmits it to smart phone. The ultra-sonic buzzer of the thermometer is used as a transmitter, and the microphone of the smartphone is the receiver. Therefore, the thermometer should be held close to the smartphone’s microphone to complete the data transfer successfully.
To transfer your measurements/readings to your smartphone, first download and install the "OMRON connect" app and follow the instructions within the app. 1) Press the power button. 2) Apply the thermometer to the measurement site. 3) The buzzer will emit [beep-beepbeep] sound 3 times when the temperature becomes stable. 4) Open the transfer screen of the app on your smartphone. 5) While “connecting” symbol flashes, press the power button. 6) Place the thermometer on your smartphone's microphone. 7) Press the power button to turn off the thermometer. Please refer to the instruction manual for more detailed explanation.
Battery: CR1220 lithium button battery (commercially available). Use the battery within the recommended period indicated by its manufacturer. Replace the battery if the "low battery"and "A1" signs are on. 1) Remove the battery cover with a small cross-slot screwdriver. 2) Remove the battery with a thin object such as a pen. 3) Insert new battery with the “+” pole facing up as shown in the following figure. 4) Replace the battery cover and secure it with the screw.

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