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Nebulisers, Wheeze Detector and Oximeter

3 years of warranty

OMRON CompAIR C28P has a robust design for intensive use, suitable for the treatment of lower airways respiratory diseases like asthma, COPD, cystic fybrosis or emphysema.

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Device Type Compressor Nebuliser
Weight of Device 1.87
Nebulisation Rate 0.5 ml/min
Particle Size 3.0 μm
Medication Capacity 2-7 ml
Mains Operation Yes
Operating Volume 60 dB
Storage No
Connected No
Mains Supply No
Age of User Adult
Item dimensions (mm): 170 x 182 x 103

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Features and cautions

  • High efficiency with the Virtual Valve Technology

  • Powerful compressor for high efficacy

  • Shorter inhalation time

  • Robust for frequent use

  • Compliant with a wide range of medication

  • Suitable for use with children with simple one-button operation


3 years after date of delivery in accordance with the Warranty Card or the Instruction Manual inside the product packaging.

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