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Managing your condition with Viso

Viso helps you and your healthcare team monitor your condition between appointments, and take better care of your health.

To sign-up, please access this page with the unique link you received from your doctor

Viso helps Violet manage her blood pressure better

This is Violet.

Violet has Chronic Kidney Disease and high blood pressure. She often doesn't feel well, but doesn't know how to change it.

She visits the GP only once a year.

Her health seems stable but sometimes she is not sure whether she should be worried about her symptoms.

Violet's GP decides to keep a closer eye on her health.

So she invites Violet to register for Viso.

From now on, Viso frequently checks in on Violet and gives her personal lifestyle advice in return.

Every month, she is asked to share her blood pressure and her weight. And she is asked several questions about her symptoms and how she's doing.

Viso gives Violet and her GP both a much more complete view of her health.

Her doctor can now see the trend of her blood pressure.

The GP adjusts her medication plan accordingly.

Violet's blood pressure improves, and the stress on her kidneys lowers a lot.

She finally starts to feels more energetic, and can finally go for a hike with her dog.

Let's go!

Managing your blood pressure with Viso

  • Viso will ask you to track your blood pressure twice a day for a minimum of 4 days, this is called Blood Pressure Check-in.

  • Your healthcare team will look at your data and adjust your medication plan if required.

  • You will be asked to do a Blood Pressure Check-in on a monthly basis if your blood pressure is above the target values set by your healthcare team.

  • When you achieve your target values, you will be asked on a 6-monthly basis.

  • As a part of your Blood Pressure Check-in, Viso will ask you a short set of questions related to lifestyle and wellbeing.

Regular reviews

  • One time per month, if your blood pressure is not within the target range set by your healthcare team, you will be asked to do a Blood Pressure Check-in.

  • If your blood pressure is within the target range, you will be asked to submit a Blood Pressure Check-in every 6 months.

  • You can continue to add blood pressure readings at any time in the month. Your healthcare team will be able to see these readings on their clinical system.

When Required

  • Viso will send you a prompt to book a blood test if needed (for example when certain medications are changed).

  • If your healthcare team recommend a change in medication, you will receive a notification in Viso and can review the recommendation before accepting.

  • If you submit blood pressure readings that are very high, or very low, Viso will guide you on how to follow up with your healthcare team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start using Viso now. It's free.

To start managing your health better with your healthcare team, get your NHS login details ready and click to complete your Viso registration. Once you have registered you simply download the app and follow the instructions. Viso will guide you every step of the way. It’s simple.

To sign-up, please access this page with the unique link you received from your doctor