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Do you have Viso app?

Viso helps you and your healthcare team monitor your condition between appointments, and take better care of your health.

A closer connection with your healthcare team

Empowering. Personalised. Responsive. The NHS-approved Viso app keeps an eye on your health between appointments. Viso asks for information your doctor needs to know and responds with expert advice. It builds a more complete view of your health over time and alerts you to take action when significant changes are detected.

Improve your health and stay connected to your doctor

Peace of mind

Viso keeps an eye on your health and helps detect potential flare-ups between your usual doctor appointments.

Better management

Easy access to the data you share with your healthcare team, along with handy medication reminders and educational information about your condition helps you manage your health better.

Safe and effective care

Viso gives your healthcare team a more complete view, enabling them to provide better medical care.

Convenient & easy

Your healthcare team can fully monitor you from the comfort of your home, so you only need to see them when necessary. Convenient, safe and easy to use, Viso guides you every step of the way.

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Download the app from one of these two links or search for Viso in your app store.


Log-in into Viso. Your healthcare team will be notified that your registration is completed only after you complete your first login. Make sure to complete this step.