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Viso - an OMRON Healthcare service

Join hundreds of Primary Care clinicians managing patients remotely across England.

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Primary care platform for long term condition management

Supports early detection of patient deterioration

Clinically-validated workflows

Reads & writes into EMIS & SystmOne

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Designed on proven clinical principles

Viso is based on NICE Guidelines and randomized control trials that have shown to reduce blood pressure.

Patients on Viso have achieved -10mmHg systolic BP reduction within 12 months.

*based on internal analysis of user data in the platform as of June 2023.

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Viso empowers patients to take control of their health

Better at-home management

Patients are prompted to share health measurements and answer questionnaires from home, via the Viso app; which are then written into the medical record.

Patient engagement

Patients receive research-backed educational information about their condition and medication in the app, supporting better self-management.

Convenient & easy

Viso guides patients through taking accurate blood pressure readings and patient is prompted to contact the practice when necessary.

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