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X3 Comfort


Blood Pressure Monitors

5 years of warranty *

X3 Comfort provides and easy way to keep track of your blood pressure.

Intelli Wrap Cuff (22–42 cm)

Memory for 2 users (2x60)

Irregular heartbeat detection

Hypertension indicator

Clinically validated

Device Type Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Weight of Device 0.34
Cuff Type Intelli Wrap cuff 22–42 cm
Cuff Wrap Guide Yes
Memory management 2 users x 60 readings
Irregular Heartbeat Detection Yes
Body Movement Detection Yes
Validation Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation, Pregnancy Validation
AFib detection No
Easy High Blood Pressure Indicator No
Blood Pressure Level Indicator Yes
Advanced Positioning Sensor No
Intellisense Yes
Stroke Prevention No
Storage Yes
Averaging Function No
Connected No
Item dimensions (mm): 105 x 152 x 85

Easy-to-use Intelli Wrap cuff

Place the cuff at least a finger width above your elbow. Wait until the indicator shows that the cuff is properly put on.

One-button operation

Press the "START" button to start a measurement. The cuff inflates and measures your blood pressure.

Clear values

When measured, the X3 Comfort indicates whether you have moved too much, or have an irregular heartbeat or hypertension.

Clinically validated for accuracy

Thoroughly tested according to the clinical guidelines for blood pressure measurement established by the European Society for Hypertension. All of OMRON’s home blood pressure monitors have been clinically validated (Stride BP, March 2024) and tested rigorously for accurate measuring results. This makes our entire range part of the 10% of BPM products that are clinically validated.

Get started for a healthier future

By checking your blood pressure regularly, you can find positive changes in your daily life that will keep your heart healthier for the future.

* For home blood pressure monitors in Europe, Cerner Enviza, survey with cardiologists (2023)

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Chahine M. et al. Validation of BP devices QardioArm® in the general population and Omron M6 Comfort® in type II diabetic patients according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH-IP). Med Devices (Auckl). 2017 Dec 27;11:11-20. Beschikbaar op

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