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Blood Pressure Monitors

5 years of warranty *

The OMRON Complete is an accurate and easy blood pressure monitor with ECG recording. This monitor records measurements and tracks data.

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2 in 1 Device

Easy, accurate, instant

Quickly screen for a range of cardiac conditions

Device Type Blood Pressure Monitor and 1-Lead ECG Monitor
Weight of Device 0.55
Cuff Type Easy cuff 22-42 cm
Cuff Wrap Guide Yes
Memory management 90 Readings
Irregular Heartbeat Detection Yes
Body Movement Detection Yes
Validation Clinical Validation
AFib detection Yes
Easy High Blood Pressure Indicator No
Blood Pressure Level Indicator No
Advanced Positioning Sensor No
Intellisense Yes
Stroke Prevention No
Storage Yes
Averaging Function Yes
Connected Yes
Compatible Mobile App Compatible with OMRON connect app
Item dimensions (mm): 232 x 123 x 989


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How it works


Product benefits

Instant and clear ECG result that tells you if AFib, tachycardia or bradycardia have been detected.

Product benefits

Display for blood pressure readings, pulse and indicators such as cuff wrap.

Product benefits

Seamlessly sync your results to the OMRON connect app so you can track your health and easily share with your doctor.

Product benefits

About 1 in 4 middle-aged adults will develop atrial fibrillation (AFib), a common heart condition that can lead to stroke if left unchecked.

Product benefits

AFib is associated with a 5x greater risk of stroke and heart failure, so it’s important to detect and begin treatment early.

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