#StrokePreventionDay 14 Jan 2021 – One Small Change

Stroke Association, OMRON Healthcare, Patients Know Best and others kick off a new 12 week programme to help people understand more about what they can do to reduce the risk of stroke

14 January 2021, London, UK - OMRON Healthcare and Patients Know Best, are supporting a new national campaign led by The Stroke Association, the UK’s leading stroke charity. #StrokePreventionDay on January 14th marks the start of the 12 week campaign to help people understand more about what they can do to reduce the risk of stroke, the fourth highest cause of death in the UK1. The campaign encourages the public to make one small, positive change to their lifestyle to help reduce their risk of stroke.

According to The Stroke Association UK, 9 in 10 (89%) strokes are associated with modifiable risk factors in the western countries; lifestyle elements that can be changed to reduce risk, such as weight, diet and blood pressure2.

  • Stroke strikes every five minutes in the UK and it changes lives in an instant.
  • The Stroke Association is a charity working across the UK to support people to rebuild their lives after stroke. We believe that everyone deserves to live the best life they can after stroke. From local support services and groups, to online information and support, anyone affected by stroke can visit stroke.org.uk or call our dedicated Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100 to find out about support available locally.
  • Our specialist support, research and campaigning are only possible with the courage and determination of the stroke community and the generosity of our supporters. With more donations and support, we can help rebuild even more lives.
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1 Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) annual results portfolio, 2019-20.
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