Keep your child breathing freely this winter

Little noses get a lot of colds. Babies can get up to 8 respiratory infections per year, affecting the whole family: lack of sleep, struggling to eat, crying all the time, and then the rest of the family gets sick.

Though these sniffles and sneezes in babies are rarely serious, they're tough on parents too – and one of the biggest reasons for pediatrician visits. When parents know how to help their child feel better and when to call the doctor, they can feel more confident until the cold is over.

Nebulisers for treating cough and colds

C102 Total (NE-C102-E)

Compressor nebuliser with nasal aspirator

  • Nasal Shower - cleans the nasal cavity and helps to relieve symptoms of conditions such as common cold, allergic rhinitis or sinusitis
  • Nebuliser - provides efficient medication deposition in the lungs to treat diseases such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis and asthma
  • Easy to use and hygienic
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Efficient for cough and cold

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A3 Complete (NE-C300-ITA)

Compressor nebuliser with nasal aspirator

  • Unique 3-in-1 adjustable nebulizer kit
  • Nasal shower included in the kit, for washing the nasal cavities
  • Fast and efficient
  • Complete treatment of the upper, middle & lower airways
  • Allows for fast relief for upper airways
  • Small aerosol particles reach deep into the lungs
  • Efficient for cough and cold

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MicroAir U100 (NE-U100-E)

Mesh nebuliser

  • Portable, pocket-size and battery operated (2xAA)
  • Silent, one-button operation enabling discreet use
  • Efficient medication deposition in the lungs
  • 360° operation makes inhalation possible in any position

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Which nebuliser is right for me?

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