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Registration, Log-in and System Errors

Hypertension Plus can be used with iPhone 6s or later, running iOS version 13.0 or later.
Hypertension Plus can also be used with Android devices running Android OS 8 or later.
Yes, it's possible to log in to Hypertension Plus on more than one device. However, if using multiple devices pay attention when completing tasks when not connected to the internet. These actions will not be updated on the Hypertension Plus server and may cause errors if conflicting information is entered into different devices.
Step 1: Check that you are attempting to log in with the correct username and password.

Step 2: If you have forgotten your password, request a password rest: On the Hypertension Plus login page, tap "Forgot password?". If your email address is registered in Hypertension Plus we will send you instructions on how to reset your password.

Step 3: If you do not receive a reset password link by email, or are still unable to log in to Hypertension Plus, please contact OMRON Customer Service.
Confirm that your smartphone is connected to your network provider and that you can receive SMS (text) messages. Once you have confirmed that your smartphone is connected, tap [Resend SMS] to try again.

If you still have not received an SMS, contact OMRON Customer Service for support.
First confirm that reminders are enabled in Hypertension Plus. Go to Settings (tap ) > Reminders and make sure that the desired reminders are switched on (toggle button to the right, with blue line).

If reminders are enabled and you are still not able to receive notifications please check your smartphone settings.

For iOS, open "Settings" app and tap "Notifications", then select "Hypertension Plus" and confirm that notifications are enabled.

Follow the instructions on the screen. If the error still appears, contact OMRON Customer Service.

The Measurement Week in Hypertension Plus

Your Measurement Week is an important part of using Hypertension Plus to manage your blood pressure. National guidelines in England recommend to measure your blood pressure at home during the morning and evening for one week in order to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure. During your measurement week Hypertension Plus will alert you to measure your blood pressure in the morning and the evening every day.

Taking measurements over 1 week gives an accurate picture of your blood pressure. Your doctor uses this to review your treatment plan.
Hypertension Plus automatically calculates your average blood pressure after every measurement. When your average blood pressure is either a lot higher or a lot lower than your target, then less data is needed to confirm your blood pressure status. Therefore Hypertension Plus may end your measurement week early. Don't worry, your data will be shared with your doctor in the usual way.
Don't worry, just continue measuring the next day. We will extend your measurement week by up to 7 days to allow you to catch up!
If you do not record enough measurements during the measurement week (including the 7 days extension), your measurement week is not completed. You will continue on your current medication step until next month. Your doctor will be informed of the missed week and may contact you directly.

Medication Plans in Hypertension Plus

If you move to the next step in your medication plan, your medication will change and this may affect your medication schedule. Tapping "Update medication schedule" updates your reminders and informs your doctor that you have now started on the next step.

You can edit your reminders in the "Settings" screen.
Your monthly questionnaire will be shared with your doctor alongside the results of your measurement week. Your doctor will use this data to guide the review of your treatment plan.

Do not wait for a response to the questionnaire if you are experiencing symptoms that are causing you pain, distress or causing you to stop taking your medication. Contact your doctor the usual way and report your symptoms directly.
You can mark medication "taken" on either the Home tab or on the Medication tab. In each case the "Take Medication" task will be marked as completed and will move to the "Completed Tasks" section of the Home tab.
When rejecting a medication step or change in medication plan, always provide clear feedback to your doctor in the comments box in the app. Your doctor will receive an alert that you have rejected the step and will be able to view your comments. Your doctor may contact you. In the meantime continue with the current step of your plan. If no changes are made to your plan you will start your next measurement week as normal.
If you experience symptoms or side-effects that are causing significant discomfort or causing you to stop taking your medication, contact your doctor in the usual way, especially if you have recently changed medications or increased doses. Symptoms should also be reported in the monthly questionnaire at the start of your medication week.

Do not wait to report symptoms that are causing you pain, distress or causing you to stop taking your medication. Contact your doctor in the usual way and report your symptoms directly.

Editing and Deleting Data

It is not possible to edit your response in the Hypertension Plus app. Please contact your doctor to correct any mistakes.
Your name and date of birth are used to help your doctor to identify your patient record. Therefore it is not possible to change the name and date of birth in the app yourself. If you wish to edit this information please contact your doctor and ask them to make the change.
Individual data points can be deleted from Hypertension Plus. See "The Blood Pressure Tab" for more information. Deleted data is removed permanently from Hypertension Plus and cannot be recovered. Note that data used to calculate blood pressure after completion of your medication week cannot be deleted. To learn how to remove all of your data from Hypertension Plus see the FAQ "How can I delete my personal data from Hypertension Plus?".
OMRON processes your personal data within Hypertension Plus under agreement with your doctor. The data in Hypertension Plus may form part of your medical record. If you no longer wish for your data to be processed in Hypertension Plus, please contact your doctor to request removal of your profile from the service. Your doctor will remove your profile and OMRON will delete your data in accordance with local legislation and the agreements in place with your doctor.

Data from Hypertension Plus is used by your doctor to support blood pressure management. Certain data is transferred from Hypertension Plus to your medical record held by your doctor. OMRON cannot delete data that has been entered into your medical record. To find out more about the data held about you by your doctor, please contact your doctor.
OMRON will send emails or text messages related to the Hypertension Plus service from time-to-time. These are a part of the service and it's not possible to opt out. OMRON may also send marketing-related emails or text messages. It is possible to opt out of these messages. To set your preferences, go to Settings (tap ) > Account Settings.

Instruction Manual

Paper versions of the Instructions for Use are available on request. To obtain a paper version, please send an e-mail to hypertension-plus@omron.com your request will be processed within 10 business days.

Read the Instruction Manual

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