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What is stridor or wheezing?

What is stridor or wheezing? Stridor, also known as wheezing, is a breathing sound which is caused by a narrowing of the respiratory tracts. It may be a whistling or hissing sound. Normally, unhindered breathing is silent. Audible air turbulence occurs when there is an obstacle in the respiratory tracts.

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Common cold: symptoms, causes and treatment

What is a cold? You feel tired and your nose is running – straight away you diagnose yourself as having a ‘cold’. However, these common symptoms have nothing to do with coldness, but rather are due to easily transmittable viruses.

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What causes a runny nose and how to relieve it?

What is a runny nose? You are sneezing, your nose is running, and your handkerchiefs just can’t keep up with you – most of us know this feeling only too well. The runny nose is not an illness itself, but is a symptom of an acute cold.

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Respiratory distress: what is it?

Respiratory distress: what is it? In the case of respiratory distress or shortness of breath, those affected experience a difficulty in breathing. Breathing is short and shallow. The body is not sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Performance of those affected is severely limited.

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Chronic Coughing: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Chronic coughing may lead to a significant restriction of the quality of life of those affected. It is not only visiting public events, like concerts and cinemas which is difficult. Even a simple conversation, normal working life or sleep are persistently disturbed.

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