Starting a Journey to Better Health at Home

Updated: May 2020

The spread of the Coronavirus and social distancing measures means, if you’re not an essential worker, you’re spending a lot more time at home. While it’s vitally important we follow guidelines to stay healthy – we should be aware how this time at home could impact our health.

As lockdowns continue to be extended the social isolation can take its toll on both our physical and mental health. Losing track of where the office ends, and your home starts can make it tough to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Time away from our family and friends can lead us to become discouraged or demotivated. Not to mention the stress and emotional toll the pandemic itself can take on us.

Take this time to reflect on how you look after your health

During the disruption we can lose track of our regular healthy habits. And with so many restrictions on ways we can keep active, it’s difficult to maintain a balance.

Why not use this period as a time of reflection and create yourself new healthy habits to take control of your health?

Get Better Health at Home with OMRON

Over the next four weeks OMRON will be sharing tips on how you can improve your heath while you’re at home. We’ll be sharing tips on how to:

  1. Make regular health checks
  2. Eating a healthy diet
  3. Getting regular exercise
  4. Making time for your mental health