Reducing your blood pressure over time

Updated: May 2020

Combine regular blood pressure monitoring and small changes to your lifestyle to help improve your heart’s health.

What’s the difference between checking your blood pressure and monitoring? Time.
Taking your blood pressure is an important part of checking you’re healthy – and more specifically, that your heart is. But to see true progress and change, you need to track your blood pressure over time.

Learning how your body reacts and your blood pressure reacts to different things will help you to make small changes that you should see over time through regular monitoring. This can help you to decrease your blood pressure and control less severe hypertension.

It’s important to keep in mind that whatever you do to improve your health, you give it time and you do it regularly.

Keeping track of your blood pressure measurements

If social distancing has taught us anything, it’s that we must acknowledge the important role technology plays in keeping us productive, healthy, and safe during this challenging time.

With most of us at home and settling into our new routine, you must make sure to use features that help improve your self-care, such as mobile apps, which track your progress and send reminders about healthy habits and medication.

You can track your progress over time synchronizing your health data and sharing your results with your GP to understand your progress.