Benefits of Hypertension Plus

4 benefits of life on the Hypertension Plus programme

Updated January 2021

A great way to stay in control of your blood pressure and support your heart health is with Hypertension Plus – so discover more about the benefits.

As the well-known saying goes, ‘you can only improve what you can measure’. If you want to reach your target blood pressure and take better care of your health, Hypertension Plus is the ideal way to do that. If you’re reading this, you’re already signed up and well on your way to getting your heart health under control.

Here are 4 main benefits you’ll enjoy:

1. Share accurate, up-to-date readings with your doctor

Hypertension Plus recommends that you take 7 days of blood pressure measurements, twice a day. Each time, you’ll enter two readings on the app, and the average will be recorded.

With 14 readings compared to just one at the doctor’s surgery, perhaps only once or twice a year, this gives your doctor a much more precise picture of your blood pressure and health.

Doing measurements at home also spares you from ‘white coat hypertension’ – where the fear of the doctor results in higher than normal results – or ‘masked hypertension’ – where a lower than actual measurement is taken at the surgery.

Remember, your blood pressure fluctuates all the time. It may go up and down at different times of day, and because of your overall fitness, stress, exercise and any medications you’re taking.

With your own blood pressure monitor at home, you’ll feel far more relaxed and can give a series of accurate results which give your doctor regular insight into the real situation on which to adapt your treatment plan.

2. Save time with convenient home monitoring instead of visiting the surgery

If you’re working full-time, going to the doctor can be a big drain on your time. All that travelling, sitting in waiting rooms and feeling stressed about your results are things of the past when you have the convenience of home monitoring with Hypertension Plus.

Taking a blood pressure measurement doesn’t have to happen in a doctor’s surgery – it’s very simple and straightforward to do, with helpful videos to guide you. It will only take a few minutes of your day.

3. Stay on the right treatment, agreed by yourself and your doctor from home

If your doctor has put you on a treatment plan to control your high blood pressure, you’ll want it to continue on the right dosage with the best results at all times.

Every month, after completing your Measurement Week, your doctor will see if there is a change. If you need any adjustments to your medication, you’ll be notified immediately through the app.

For example, your doctor can recommend a new type of medicine, update the schedule (when to take what or how often), or end your current treatment schedule (stop taking medication). You and your doctor both have a monthly record of your blood pressure and how your medication is helping to keep this under control.

Everything is detailed in the app, so you’ll never forget the name of your pills or how many to take. The app can also remind you to take it – so it’s one less thing to worry about.

4. Make faster progress towards your target blood pressure

Since you stay in contact with your doctor through the app, your treatment is much more targeted, streamlined and efficient.

It can now be tweaked monthly by your doctor, if necessary, as you share your Measurement Week readings and answer questions from your doctor.

All this is done remotely, without the need to wait weeks for an appointment while your health might be at risk. If you happen to need a new prescription, your doctor will suggest the change in the app, and once approved by you, it’s sent directly to your chosen dispensary.

The Hypertension Plus app is the all-important link to these benefits – read how it can help keep you on track. read how it can help keep you on track.