KardiaMobile 1L
KardiaMobile 1L
KardiaMobile 1L
KardiaMobile 1L
KardiaMobile 1L
KardiaMobile 1L

KardiaMobile 1L



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    2 year warranty
One Lead Electrocardiogram

AliveCor KardiaMobile 1L is the personal ECG that works with your smartphone and fits easily into your pocket. Take unlimited ECGs (EKGs) anytime, anywhere without applying wires, cables or gels. After a 30-second ECG, you’ll know if your heart rhythm is normal or if Atrial Fibrillation is detected. AF is one of the most common irregular heart rhythms, and a leading cause of stroke. Take an ECG when you feel a symptom or when you just want the peace of mind. Take ECGs between doctor visits.

Product benefits

Features and cautions

Using KardiaMobile

1. Attach KardiaMobile Hardware to your phone (optional)
2. Download the Kardia app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Be sure to use a compatible iOS or Android device (check the compatible device list here).
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your account setup.
4. Open the app and tap "Record your first ECG"
5. Choose KardiaMobile
6. You may be prompted to allow the Kardia app access to your microphone, select "Grant Access"
7. Recordings are best taken while seated. Lay device on a flat surface near your smartphone.
8. When ready, place two fingers from each hand on the two electrodes. No need to squeeze or press down firmly.
9. Your recording will begin. Hold still as you watch the timer count down from 30 seconds, until your ECG recording is complete.


  • Do not store in extremely hot, cold, humid, wet, or bright conditions.
  • Do not expose to strong electromagnetic fields.
  • Do not take recordings in close vicinity to other equipment emitting ultrasonic acoustics.
  • Do keep components out of reach of children.
  • Do use this device to record heart rate and heart rhythm only.
  • Do not use the electrode on a portion of the body with too much body fat, body hair or very dry skin, a successful recording may not be possible.
  • Do not use with a cardiac pacemaker, ICDs, or other implanted electronic devices.
  • Do not continue use until further instructed by a physician if your skin is irritated or inflamed around.
  • Do not drop or bump with excessive force.
  • Do not use to diagnose heart-related conditions.
  • Do not wear during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cautery and external defibrillation procedures.

KardiaMobile® and AliveCor are trademarks of AliveCor, Inc. registered throughout the world.


Device type
One Lead Electrocardiogram
Irregular heartbeat detection
Compatible mobile app
Compatible with AliveCor's KardiaMobile app
Averaging Function
Clinical Validation
Consumer or Professional
Weight (kg)
Item dimensions (mm)
82 x 32 x 3.5 mm

What's in the box

  • KardiaMobile device
  • 10 page Quick Start Guide (+ 6 languages quick start guide versions)
  • Phone clip
  • Batteries included on device


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