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Blood Pressure Monitor

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    3 year warranty
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Online exclusive.The Omron X4 Smart is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor that simplifies monitoring your hypertension at home and automatically transfers your results to your smartphone by Bluetooth.

Automatically update your latest results to your smartphone by Bluetooth and have your blood pressure readings at your fingertips in the Omron connect app or you can just ask Alexa to let you know your latest readings without even picking up your phone.

Omron’s unique Intelli Wrap Cuff takes away the hassle of cuff placement on the upper arm – giving accurate blood pressure measurements in any position around the upper arm.

Cuff wrap guide and body movement detection indicators help you to avoid common mistakes that can cause inaccurate blood pressure readings.

Omron, the number one recommended brand by cardiologists for home blood pressure monitors in Europe.

Product benefits

Features and cautions

  • The Omron X4 Smart blood pressure monitor simplifies monitoring your hypertension at home and automatically transfers your results to your smartphone by Bluetooth and let’s you keep track of them with Alexa.
  • The easy way to get accurate results. Just place the unique Intelli Wrap Cuff, in any position around your upper arm. The Cuff wrap guide will indicate that it’s on correctly. Sit still to ensure an accurate reading but, the body movement detector will let you know if you haven’t and are at risk of taking an inaccurate measurement.
  • Your blood pressure reading is displayed on the large LCD screen alongside your heartrate, and indicators for if you’ve recorded a high blood pressure result or if the device has detected an irregular heartbeat.
  • To help you keep track of your blood pressure readings over time, store all your results on your smartphone in the Omron connect app. The Omron X4 Smart is Bluetooth enabled, so it can automatically update your results to the app. Or, you can ask Alexa “What’s my latest blood pressure reading” or compare averages over time.
  • Part of the Omron smart ecosystem to help you influence your heart’s health. The Omron connect app links Omron’s smart blood pressure monitors with VIVA the smart Body Composition Monitor - combining to give you more understanding of what effects your heart’s health.

Bilo G, Sala O, Perego C, et al. Impact of cuff positioning on blood pressure measurement accuracy: may a specially designed cuff make a difference?. Hypertens Res. 2017;40(6):573–580.

Topouchian J. et al. Clinical accuracy of the Omron M3 Comfort and the Omron Evolv for self-blood pressure measurements in pregnancy and pre-eclampsia - validation according to the Universal Standard Protocol. Vasc Health Risk Manag. 2018 Aug 31;14:189-197.

Chahine M. et al. Validation of BP devices QardioArm in the general population and Omron M6 Comfort in type II diabetic patients according to the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol (ESH-IP). Med Devices (Auckl). 2017 Dec 27;11:11-20.

Market research by Kantar Health GmbH: European Survey with Cardiologists in 9 Countries n=69 (DE, FR, IT, ES, UK, NL, BE, PL and RU). May 2019. Data available on request.


Device type
Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Cuff type
Intelli Wrap Cuff 22–42 cm
2 Users x 60 Readings
Cuff wrap guide
Irregular heartbeat detection
Body Movement Detection
Clinical Validation, Diabetic Validation, Pregnancy Validation
Intellisense Technology
Consumer or Professional
Storage case included
Compatible mobile app
Compatible with Omron connect app
Weight (kg)
Item dimensions (mm)
105 x 152 x 85

What's in the box

  • X4 Smart blood pressure monitor
  • Intelli Wrap Cuff (22–42 cm)
  • instruction manual 1 and 2
  • Setup instructions
  • Batteries
  • Storage case


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